A B O U T who we are

Idea dao design is an international design company,found in Beijing in June 2007.We have been providing design services for leading companies through out the world. With a strong international background, our design team dedicates in helping corporations establish their marketing strategies and upgrade the quality for their design systems through out the whole process-- from design research, strategy analysis, concept solidification to new Products’ delivery to market. Our services include but not limited to: Consumer Electronics, Home Electronics, Computer Products, Communication Products, Furniture, Household Products, etc. 

With over 10 years of experiences working on design strategies and new product development in well-known international design companies, Kumo Chiu, had built the successful business pattern by helping local Chinese companies launch their products into the market with spectacular innovations and high design qualities. We have co-worked with many Chinese corporations in helping them formalizing their branding strategies and design teams for years, with this experience, we strongly believe that we will be our clients’ best alliance, not only in being success in the market, but also in establishing a well-known brand that generates high quality products.
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S E R V I C E S what we do
Design Research
Design is human-centered. We conduct profound research and analysis in order to discover what the users really need and desire—the essential part of design. Advanced research techniques are applied in order to examine the existing and potential needs of the users. A thorough research analysis not only is a great tool to help us understand the essentials of the project, it also triggers inspiring thoughts for us to explore further.
Design Strategy
We have developed an international point of view in the world of design. With our rich experiences in the brand strategy field and the use of advanced research methods, we have mastered through the transitions and established a keen sight in examining the Chinese consumer markets. We will provide the finest solutions for your brand and products– from marketing strategy, branding strategy, to the final formalization of design language.
Design Services
What we have been dedicating is not only bringing quality designs to our customers, but also the ability to provide thorough marketing direction suggestions. With a professional point of view, we aim to discover potential niche markets for customers in the stage of design research and analysis. We target on improving our clients’ brand values and influences with our acknowledged professional ability in design and brand language integration.
Design Training
In the past few years, many Chinese clients had sent their designers over to work with us on practical projects. Through the process, we have helped them formalize their product design techniques, as well as fined tuning their design department to reach the international standard. We not only aim to provide great design services to our clients, but also passionately look for opportunities for both of us to reach the \"Win-Win\" condition.
P R O C E S S We ensure our works to reach a international standard;We work closely with marketing,product manager,R&D and sales team by the international company design process from design planning,concepts creation through production management.
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